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‘The Crooked World of Arcadius Mauritz’ photo exhibition by Arcadius Mauritz

3rd April 2015 at 7pm

Arcadius Mauritz is a dedicated portraitist of women, successfully mixing creation with observation. The exhibition at Meow Studios will give you the opportunity to experience 20 black and white portraits created by Arcadius over the last 3 years. Heroines of his photographs are celebrities such as models and actresses amongst many other extraordinary women. Since each woman is different and exceptional, with every single photograph Arcadius portrays each one character in a contrasting way, providing us a mixture of simplicity, expressiveness and sublime, singular beauty.


Arcadius Mauritz – polish recognized photographer working regularly with polish and international celebrities including Ayo, Imany, Ramona Rey, Natalia Lesz, Magdalena Tul, Ilona Felicjańska, Ewa Szabatin, Elżbieta Kwinta, Agata Nizińska.



Exhibition will take place at our new studio and gallery space Meow Studios Leith

125 Great Junction Street, EH 6 5JB, Edinburgh

3rd April 2015 at 7 PM

17th March 2015 at 8 PM




‘Adventure Pictures’ photo exhibition by Marcin Jamkowski

20 February 2015 at 7pm

The exhibition of Marcin Jamkowski`s ‘Adventure Pictures’ transports viewers to the places rarely visited by gallery goers and only occasionally penetrated by photographers. This is a journey into the deep sea abyss, to the highest peaks, to the deepest canyons. It is a visual trip to the world which is unknown to the wider public as well as it is a detailed exploration – not only of the distant geographical regions but also the unvisited corners of one`s mind.
The pictures were taken during scientific and adventure expeditions to five continents.


Marcin Jamkowski is a travel photographer and former editor-in-chief of National Geographic Magazine


FB event here


Exhibition will take place at our new studio and gallery space Meow Studios Leith

125 Great Junction Street, EH 6 5JB, Edinburgh

20th February 2015 at 7 PM

14th March 2015 at 8 PM










‘Reborn babies’ exhibition on Play Poland Film Festival

10th October 2014 at 7pm

The Reborn babies exhibition showcasing works of six Polish artists will be one of the events accompanying this year’s edition of the Play Poland Film Festival. It starts on October 9th and will be open along with Tomasz Płonka’s exhibition in Meow Photography Studios in Edinburgh until October 16th.

Marcelo Zamenhoff, Seweryn Swacha, Anka Leśniak, Michał Jankowski, Arti Grabowski and Diana Ronnberg are young and resolute individuals with fresh approach to visual arts and new media art. They express themselves using both traditional forms such as paintings as well photography, video and performance. Modern means of expression accurately reflect contemporary fears associated with human entrapped in new culture models. Without attempts to capture their real life examples, multiculturalism, culture diversity, cross border, self-oriented, creolisation and other phenomena that have been studied for many decades would only remain theoretical concepts. This exactly what drives the group of young Polish artists in their Reborn babies project. They relate to the issue of equality in all possible ways including racial, linguistic or religious belief.

Link to Facebook event

Link to Play Poland Film Festival 2014








Short Waves Grand Prix Tour 2014

19th – 21st March

Join us for a  three day long short film marathon!


SHORT WAVES GRAND PRIX TOUR 2014 is a series consisting of finest polish short films. During the first two days of screenings, which will take place at Meow Studios, you will have the opportunity to see a selection of award winning animations and short films from previous editions between 2009 and 2013. The screening of the latest 2014 productions participating in this year’s Global Competition of the Best Polish Short – Short Waves Grand Prix 2014 will take place on the 21st of March.


  • 19th March at 6:00pm

SHORT WAVES 2009 – 2013: ANIMATIONS Duration time: 88 min

  • 20th March at 6:00pm

SHORT WAVES AWARDS 2009-2013 Duration time: 104 min

  • 21st March at 6:00pm

FILMS SHORT WAVES GRAND PRIX 2014 CONTEST Duration time: 102 min


FILMS SHORT WAVES GRAND PRIX 2014 CONTEST at meow studios edinburgh

FB event page 
Polish Art Europe 
Short Waves Festival


Andrzej Kuziola exhibition at Meow Studios Edinburgh


Graphic art exhibition by Andrzej Kuziola 

Join us for the opening night on Wednesday 26th February at 7pm.

Andrzej Kuziola – an awarded illustrator, 3d artist, digital sculptor and author of training articles about 3d art published in magazines, books and on-line. 

The exhibition is running until Saturday 15th March.

View his work at

and The Art of Andrzej Kuziola


Additional info at the Event’s Page here






Meow Studios and Yukatan Press

Yukatan Press
Launch Night

Friday 13th Dec 2013

Join us to celebrate the launch of Yukatan Press first publication – handmade zine OSMOSIS ! (the names of the included artists will be announced soon, so stay tuned!)

Come along and see our zine before anyone else, along with an exhibition of work by Tine Bek and Sam Wood!

There will also be a live act by Swallows Fly Low and a fundraiser raffle by NapierCollective – come and support these guys to get their work down to London for Free Range 2014.

Meow Studios
3rd Floor 86-92 Causewayside
EH9 1PY Edinburgh

Opening night of Yukatan Press at the Meow Studios Edinburgh

Yukatan Press Website

Find out more on Facebook


This Exhibition is a part of the Polish Scottish Heritage Project run by Polish Cultural Festival Association funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and Historic Scotland.

“Stories, People, Places” – Polish Scottish Heritage Multimedia Showcase


Opening Night 13 November 2013
6:30pm Lecture
7:30 pm Multimedia Exhibition

‘Poland and Scotland: passages from a common past, 1500-1800′; Lecture by Professor Robert Frost
Date: 13th November
Time: 6.30pm

Multimedia Exhibition: 13th November from 7.30,
14- 17th November Time: 12noon-8pm

Polish Scottish Heritage Project is run by Polish Cultural Festival Association and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and Historic Scotland.

Find out more on Facebook 



Play Poland Film Festival with Meow Studios present Polish Short Film special screeningSpecial Screening: Short Films

Short Waves Festival selection

18th Oct at Meow Studios at 6pm

‘Shape ‘ (‘Katachi’)
Director: Przemysław Adamski, Katarzyna Kijek

Director: Patryk Jurek

‘The Guardians’ (‘Strażnicy’)
Director: Krzysztof Szot

‘Walk’ (‘Spacer’)
Director: Filip Jacobson

‘The Governance of Love’ (‘O rządach miłości’)
Director: Adela Kaczmarek

‘The Hunt’ (‘Polowanie’)
Director: Agnieszka Konarska

‘To Love Life’ (‘Umiłowanie życia’)
Director: Piotr Bosacki

Director: Hubert Napierała

‘A Memory of Last Summer’ (‘Wspomnienie poprzedniego lata’)
Director: Kuba Gryżewski, Ivo Krankowski

‘All Souls’ Day’ (‘Święto Zmarłych’)
Director: Aleksandra Terpińska


Note: Spaces are limited so please come early 
to avoid disappointment!


Special Screening: Documentaries

Working in conjunction with the Play Poland Film Festival, Meow Studios will present a special screening of:

‘Resettlement’ („Eksmisja”) by Filip Antoni Malinowski, 2012, 76’

‘Defense Mechanism’ („Mechanizm obronny”) by Dominik Matwiejczyk, 2012, 32’

Come with your friends and enjoy :)



Special Screening: Animations

Working in conjunction with the Play Poland Film Festival, Meow Studios will present a special screening of animations by the award-winning post-production studios Platige Image and  New Horizons.

Meow Studios

6th October start at 6pm

‘The Great Escape’

‘Ark’ (‘Arka’)

‘Paths of Hate’

‘The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings’ 

‘Cyberpunk 2077’


‘Cocaine Unwrapped – the Machine’

‘Move Your Imagination Euro 2012’

‘Move Your Imagination Culture’

‘Move Your Imagination Environment’’ 

‘Move Your Imagination Tourism’

‘Move Your Imagination Campaign Trailer’

‘The Animated History of Poland’

‘Grunwald. Battle of sescentenary’ 

‘The Animated Guide to Polish success’ 

‘The Mystery of the Malakka Mountain’


‘The Fairy-Tale Cookery Chronical’


Exhibition: 4th-14 October

Working in conjunction with the Play Poland Film FestivalMeow Studios will host an exhibition of graphics by Ewa Bińczyk (the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University), Igor Myszkiewicz the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Zielona Góra) and Maja Muciek (University of Zielona Góra).

All three have their own unique style but  are also interested in the human subconscious and the uncontrolled processes from colourful imaginations to nightmares. 

4th October  – 14th October
Ewa Bińczyk:  ‘Idols’  – technique – graphic
Igor Myszkiewicz:  Black Figures’  – technique – drawings
Maja Muciek/Sławomir Łukuć:  ‘Transformation’ - technique – water-colour gouache, ink, author’s own technique

free event


Play Poland Film Festival at Meow StudiosPlay Poland Film Festival kicks off at Meow Studios!

Meow Studios partners up with the Play Poland Film Festival 2013 to bring you some fantastic events – workshops with the world renowned Polish graphic artist Andrzej Pagowski, exhibitions of the three Polish graphic artists: Ewa Bińczyk, Igor Myszkiewicz and Maja Muciek and special screenings of animations created by award winning companies like New Horizons and Platige Image.
Any more encouragement required? Don’t think so either :)
All that fuss starts on the 3rd October … 


Keep an eye on updates! 



Cinematic Voyages Vol.1

Paris je t’aime

We have a real pleasure to invite you for our first screening taking place on Sunday, 31st of March at the Meow photography studios. We will be screening Paris je t’aime.

This is not your typical love story.

2006 anthology film starring an ensemble cast of actors of various nationalities. The two-hour film consists of eighteen short films set in different arrondissements. The 22 directors include Gurinder Chadha, Sylvain Chomet, Joel and Ethan Coen, Gérard Depardieu, Wes Craven, Alfonso Cuarón, Nobuhiro Suwa, Alexander Payne, Tom Tykwer, Walter Salles, Yolande Moreau and Gus Van Sant.

Followed by a discussion.

This is a free even but a small donation will be welcome :)


Check out event page on Facebook


Blue Sky Photo Club

Starts in Edinburgh on 27th of March 2013

Time: 18:30-21:00 StudioRoRo at Meow Studios, 3rd floor, 86-92 Causewayside, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH9 1PY



Get the most out of your camera through projects, lectures and workshops with photographer Ross Fraser McLean. Working in a larger group, these lively and social sessions include demonstrations, skill sharing, visiting specialist talks and group exercises and shoots.

The Blue Sky Photo Club is a photographic course designed to cover all aspects of

photography from…

  • capturing the escape of landscape 
  • an insight into revealing portraits 
  • the formality of architecture 
  • the spontaneity of street photography 
  • the precision studio technique
Blue Sky Photo Club on Facebook
Studio RoRo on Facebook


Have your work critiqued by a panel of photographic industry experts!
The Photographers Collective will be hosting a Portfolio Review Clinics at Meow Photography Studios, anyone looking for advice, or direction this is for you.

March 17th 2013, 12pm-4pm

Portfolio Review Clinics give you advice on your images, artistic practice and working in the field of photography. The panel consists of freelance photographers, lecturers in photography and picture editors, with a wealth of experience!

Registration is now open, please click here


Collaboration between our favorite sound effects guy Michael Winslow (Police Academy, Spaceballs) and DJ Yoda. Video clip has been shot at Meow Studios in August 2012.
Written and produced by DJ Yoda
Director/producer Tim Fornara
GFX by Bryan Brinkman


The latest student deal is available from today until end of January 2013

  • 3 x 4 hour slots for an unbelievably low price of £100
  • you save £80 (regular price of single 4 hour slot at £60, three 4 hour slots  at £180!!!)
  • only 3 months obligation contract
  • lighting equipment (3 x 600 watts), backdrops and triggers included in price
  • free Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee
  • email:
  • call: +44 7720 974201 (booking enquiries)

please note: offer for students or recent graduates with valid student ID only


New clothing catalogue produced by Meow Studios
(Photography: Konrad Mielniczuk assited by Jo Heaney;
Fashion Stylist: Karla von Denkoff;
Hair Stylist: Jason Hall Hairdressing;
Make up Artist: Kat McSwein;
Art Director: Karla von Denkoff;
Still life photography: Konrad Mielniczuk;
Production: Meow Studios;
Models: Colours Agency;
Sophie Crooks and Amelia Johnson
Garments: Kakao by K and Joules


Meow Studios is supporting the best Edinburgh’s electronic music event:
the LaPtOp LoUnGe returns to Edinburgh on Thursday the 6th September at Voodoo Rooms.
The event brings live electronic music and visual performances together to create an evening of multimedia entertainment.
The music ranges from experimental through ambient to electro and techno.
Kevlar – polish trio that use analogue synthesizers to create dark electronica and twisted noise.
Dataline – last performance in Edinburgh of master of Elektron synthesisers and drum machines.
Bit Face – crunchy 8-bit sounds and quirky electro bleeps are a delight.
A Bad Man – moody and melodic tones intertwined with interesting sounds and vocal textures.
Audio Pervert – groovy and minimal beats dominate the sonic landscape.
3rd Mountain – Driving relentless tones peppered with harmonic distortions.
Pok – Live performance transmission of this young electronic musician from Bankok.
John Gerard – Presenter of The Vinyl Club on Leith FM.Mixes eclectic soulful rhythms with deep electronic techno.
Mashynka – Fabulous visual extravaganza from this Polish VJ.
Smudge – Artistic and delightful visual images are de rigour for this talented performer.


Photographic Prints Sale scheduled for

1st September has been postponed!!!

if you are interested in joining us for the next one in December, please email


Photographic Prints Sale

Olya Tyukova

Marcin Klimek

Wojtek Kutyla

Mathew Hay

Radek Slomnicki

Georgina Wood

Konrad Mielniczuk

Daniel Rutter

Ryan Miller

Marianne Wilson

Blazej Marczak

Nick Paton

Sophy Ellwood


Photographic Prints Sale

Meow Studios is launching a brand new monthly event: The Photographic Prints Sale. The sale gives you the opportunity to purchase some stunning original photographic artwork straight from the authors.

The Prints Sale will be held at Meow Studios where three of our rooms will be filled with dozens of outstanding unframed photographic prints, their makers and photography lovers. The event is a showcase of a wide range of subjects and photographic approaches. It will be an opportunity for photographers to sell their work directly to the public and collectors. It will give you the opportunity to meet the artists and talk to them about their craft.

We aim to offer you an opportunity to buy a reasonably priced prints and books from both emerging and established artists.

The Prints Sale will include work by local photographers, as well as graduates from ECA, Napier University, and Stevenson College.

Where: Meow Studios, 3rd floor 86-92 Causewayside, EH9 1PY

When: Sunday, 29th of July

Time: 12am – 8pm

Free entrance

The Print Sale is now looking for your work to sell. Please contact us


PNSTW + Jacob Birge Vision at Meow Studios 

Thanks to all who have made it to the PNSTW + Jacob Birge Vision event last Friday. That was the most delightful electric night!!!

PNSTW + Jacob Birge Vision

Invite-Only Event · Friday, 15 June 2012


PNSTW + Jacob Birge Vision at Meow Studios

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