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Meow Studios Leith


meow studios leith


Meow Studios Leith is a studio based in northern Edinburgh, 125 Great Junction Street, EH6 5JB.

It has a floor space of 90m2 which provides ample area for photographic and video productions.

The studio is situated within the (un)famous Leith Market.

Meow Studios Leith is located in the basement which can be easily accessed via an elevator which allows for smooth transport of sets or props. The studio benefits from having a 9meter wide infinity cove, it has a comfortable waiting area with 4 large sofas, changing room and a make-up station. Our Victorian lounge set has an oak flooring, damask wallpaper, antique desk and Chesterfield sofa. The studio floor is concrete painted white, and the walls are decorated with brick and slate wallpapers. The studio enjoys a lounge equipped with bar and gallery space which is also available for hire.

We offer disabled access and free street parking.

Studio hire price list:

£80 Half day (four hours)

£130 Full day (eight hours)


Specifications of the infinity cove:

    • Length: 5m
    • Width: 9m
    • Height: 3m

The studio is equipped with:

  • 3 x 600 watts flash heads and 3 x 300 watts flash heads
  • Selection of light modifiers including softboxes, beauty dish with honeycomb grid, 1.8m umbrella, wireless triggers, black and white flags (2.40m x 1.20m)
  • Seamless paper backdrops (black, light grey, green, blue, yellow, crimson)
  • Make up area
  • Changing area
  • Comfortable lounge
  • Rails + Hangers
  • Fibre Wi-Fi
  • Speakers
  • Changing area